Book Review: Still Me

Author: JoJoMoyes

Pages: 390

Me Before You #3


Louisa Clarke is back and this time she’s taking on New York City. Fresh off of her acceptance of Will’s death, Louisa takes a job in the big apple where she finds herself working with millionaires, taking on an adventure, meeting new people and finding out who Louisa Clarke is. But at the same time, she’s struggling with being away from her family and ambulance Sam. Can Louisa have it all?


“I remembered Agnes’s words: that we who traveled far from home would always have our hearts in two places. I placed my hand on the candlewick bedspread. And, finally, I wept.”


Let me start by saying that I loved Me Before You and After You. When I finished After You, my first thought was — I want more Louisa Clarke. At the time I didn’t know there was more to her story so when I found out you can bet I was really excited. Louisa Clarke is the girl who I wish was my best friend. She’s quirky, she’s kind, she puts others before herself and she’s somewhat of a mess and I love all of that about her. She seems so real.

“Oh, Louisa, you can hang on to your hurt out of some misplaced sense of pride, or you can just let go and relish whatever precious time you have.”

That’s not just it though, I find myself growing with Louisa. Her faults, anxieties and circumstances at 29 aren’t much different than any 29 year old. She works hard, she doesn’t always see a reward for it, but she keeps her chin up and she keeps trying. And while Louisa moves on and becomes her own person, she’s still connected to Will, like all of us when we lose someone close — whether a significant other, parent, friend or grandparents — we keep moving just Louisa but they are always with us.

She doesn’t always have it all together but that’s the beauty of her story. She learns a lot about herself in this one and I found that in a way it was like a book of therapy — her whole story, from Me Before You to this one, teaches you something about yourself and what you can handle.

And this, right below, is the epitome of book quotes:

“I had a choice. I was Louisa Clark from New York or Louisa Clark from Stortfold. Or there might be a whole other Louisa I hadn’t yet met. The key was making sure that anyone you allowed to walk beside you didn’t get to decide which you were, and pin you down like a butterfly in a case. The key was to know that you could always somehow find a way to reinvent yourself again.”

Overall Rating: 5/5




Book Review: Daughter of A Siren Queen

Author: Tricia Levenseller

Pages: 352

Synopsis: Alosa is on a mission, now that they have all the pieces to the map they can search for the treasure that has been guarded by the Sirens for all these years. She sees it how it is — her and her father reaching the treasure and being heroes in the eyes of all their pirates. But before this can happen, Alosa learns a secret, a secret so life altering that it changes her whole perspective on who she is, on her love for her father, what she’s capable of, and who to trust.


Review: This is the end of Alosa story, I recently read that this series is only a duo-logy and unfortunately I think that it’s all we needed in this. I remember enjoying Daughter of a Pirate King. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Daughter of a Pirate King but this one fell a little flat for me. I wanted more swashbuckling, I wanted more romance, I wanted more of something but I’m not entirely sure what. It could just be my age, maybe I’m too old for these now (which I’m also okay with). While Alosa’s story definitely had some character development I still felt like something was missing either with her or the other characters, maybe I needed more closure? More of a WOW moment? Like I said before I couldn’t really pinpoint what I needed.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5 stars (I rounded up on Goodreads — can’t do half stars there)

My 30: 30 Things About Me

IMG_0169 (2)

Back for another My 30: this time around it’s 30 things about me. You might have remembered I did something similar last year, hopefully they aren’t the same “interesting” facts.

  1. My favorite color is turquoise
  2. I just started to learn how to knit it’s an interesting hobby for sure, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.
  3. My favorite type of music is country but I’ll listen to almost anything like edm, pop. I just don’t care for rap
  4. I went to school to be a physical therapist but things change, that’s not what I do now and that’s okay.
  5. When I was younger I could quote all of Pirates of the Caribbean
  6. I have a huge obsession with England. I love the history
  7. My day to day job is a healthcare data analyst. I specialize in Medicaid
  8. I do not like to cook (I’m trying I swear)
  9. But I do love the bake
  10. I’m afraid of all bugs
  11. But I love to hike
  12. I had never been out of the country until I was in my 20s
  13. I was born in Massachusetts but didn’t live there very long
  14. Grew up in NY
  15. In my almost 30 years I’ve lived in at least 10 different houses
  16. I dislike dogs (a lot)
  17. But I love cats
  18. As much as I like blogging I’m not a fan of social media (aka Facebook and Twitter but I love Instagram)
  19. I’m afraid of heights so I try to conquer it by rock climbing
  20. I have a Masters in Science in Healthcare Administration
  21. I love to dance
  22. I like to run
  23. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years
  24. June will be the first time I’ve ever been to Europe
  25. I am an only child
  26. My favorite book is Harry Potter because it’s the reason I love to read
  27. I LOVE Period Drama. Like, I might be obsessed
  28. I cannot drive a standard thank goodness for my boyfriend traveling to England with me!
  29. My favorite month is October — I love all the fall leaves
  30. If I could interview one person dead or alive it would be Prince Albert

The Mermaids Chair

Author: Susan Monk Kidd

Pages: 368

Goodreads Synopsis: “Telling the story of Jessie Sullivan — a love story between a woman and a monk, a woman and her husband, and ultimately a woman and her own soul”


It’s taken me a really long time to sit down and actually review this book and that’s not a good thing. I honestly could not come up with any words that worked for me. I loved The Invention of Wings. I thought, hey, I enjoyed that book maybe I’ll enjoy another by the same author. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case. To me, The Mermaid’s Chair was somewhat of a story of a woman going through a midlife crisis. The only positive I could find from this story was her eventual understanding of herself and who she wants to be as well as the spiritual aspect of this story.

However, that’s where it ends for me. I forced myself to finish this book, I am one who tries to always a finish a book no matter what I think of this, and this was one of those stories that was very hard for me to get through. Multiple times I thought about stopping but I trudged along.

Overall Rating: 2/5 stars

TheBookishBox February Fantasy Friendships

It’s hereeeee. TheBookishbox’s fantasy friendships has officially arrived! What was great about this box is that I didn’t even get notified it had shipped, it had just arrived — what an awesome surprise!

Anyway, this box’s theme was Fantasy Friendships and we were told if we were fans of Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and A Court of Thorns and Roses we would really enjoy this box. I mean, I love all those things so I figured I would give it a try — especially knowing that I’m going to skip the March Box — Cover Lust.


The box this month had some really cool stuff but I’m starting to think I’ll have to give TheBookishBox a break beyond March. It’s not that I don’t like the stuff but for $30+ a month, I’m not sure the value of the box is really worth that.

I was really excited for the LOTR luggage tag (by The Bookish Shop), I definitely need another one but I can’t use the bath bomb (by Pure Poetry Cosmetics)– I’m allergic so that will be going to a friend.

It’s not that some of the stuff wasn’t awesome, in fact, when I first pulled some out of the box I was excited but then I started looking at everything and wasn’t really sure what to do with it all. Never a good sign — I might try and do a giveaway, so be ready for that!


I have to admit, this book cover is gorgeous, it’s definitely one of those books I would have picked up because of the cover. It also sounds really good. Another YA Fantasy I’m excited to read. You got a bookplate with it and a note from the author.


I do like really like these prints by Gabriella Bujdoso but I’m not going to do anything with it until I get all my prints in order and figure out how to display them all. The wand was so cool, I was so excited when I opened it until I saw how long it is. I can’t put that on a keychain (by The Bookish Shop)! I might use it as a Christmas Ornament which means again, it’s just hanging out in storage.


The Bookish Shop is doing two new things a month in their boxes — a doodle of the them (by Doodles by Christina), which can definitely be fun on those nights I’m bored. The other is the Calendar Print (by Hey Atlas Creative) which is actually a really cute idea — and something I can use.

Other items was the Leviosa Bookmark by The Bookish Shop which is a fun change from paper bookmarks but feels a little flimsy (hopefully it lasts). The ACOTAR pin (by Ink and Wonder) is cute, but I have so many of these themes that I was meh on it as well.

That concludes the February Box, I’m happy I’m taking a break for the next month (and maybe the next one). What did you guys think of this unboxing?

Tower of Dawn

Author: Sarah J. Mass

Throne of Glass Series

Pages: 664

Synopsis: Starting up at the end of Queen of Shadows and occurring at the same time as Empire of Storms, Chaol and Nesryn are tasked to head to Antica in search of an emperor who help then save their land. At the same time, Chaol is hoping to heal after the event of Queen of Shadows. But what happens when they arrive is not what they thought, has the darkness reached Antica?


Review: Like the picture? Honestly, I did this because of my love for Chaol. He’s been one of my favorite characters in this entire series and it has never wavered. I know a lot of people in some of my book groups don’t really like him but I hope this story maybe changed their mind.

“Every step. Every curve into darkness. Every moment of despair and rage and pain. It had led him to precisely where he needed to be. Where he wanted to be.”

Chaol is one of those characters who is loyal to a fault — which has been his downfall at times too because it sometimes makes him choose difficult paths that might not bring him to where he was hoping to be. In a way, Chaol is too hard on himself (something I can relate to) and this story, showing everything in his point of view really got to see what he’s going through. But even more than that, it’s a story of self healing but in a way we can all relate to. Chaol is a strong character, he has strong morals and sometimes that can be his weakness.

“You would be surprised by how closely the healing of physical wounds is tied to the healing of emotional ones.”

Other than that, there was a lot to like about this story — it might in my top two of favorite stories in the series so far. Not only do you get to see a new world — Antica, you get to be introduced to new characters — characters that are going to have an impact on the rest of the story and all of them likeable in their own way. Yrene is this strong female character, that’s greatest strength might not be her magic but her compassion, Nesryn who isn’t new shows us what it is to live and think of yourself first. Sartaq is another character that has heart but in a totally different way than any we’ve met so far and he was just as refreshing as Yrene.

“He didn’t understand-how she could be so delicate, so small, when she had overturned his life entirely. Worked miracles with those hands and that soul, this woman who had crossed mountains and seas.”

Something else I really liked about this story is the emotion it made me feel, something I’ve been lacking in the series. On top of the new characters and the emotion I felt with this story, this story is one of those you can’t skip. There is so much information as it pertains to Aelin and it’s mind blowing. I mean you guys, I remember being on the edge of my seat reading some passages — everything started to click and I cannot wait to have Chaol, Nesyrn and some of their friends back with Aelin and the team waiting for them.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Winter Bingo Roundup

Winter Bingo was the first Bingo Board Challenge I’ve ever tried to complete. I’m not going to lie — it was hard. I think partly because I wasn’t really paying attention to the Bingo Board as much as I should. AKA — I wouldn’t even look at it until the end of the month and instead of figuring out what to read next based off of it, I just tried to fill it out with books I read.

However, I did actually complete two Bingo rows with the books I read in December, January and February and I have to admit I’m really pleased with that! Below is the Bingo Board I had to try and complete, the columns/rows I completed were Spinoff Down, and 2017 Released You Missed Across.

Here’s how it all played out (note — some books I couldn’t fit on the bingo card).

Spinoff Down:

Spinoff: Tower of Dawn, I considered this spinoff because I know originally it was supposed to be more like a novella to the Throne of Glass Series.

Winter Release: Daughters in the Night Sky

Green Cover: Heir of Fire

Fae, Faeries, Fair Folk: Empire of Storms

Romance: Victoria

2017 Release You Missed Across

2017 Release You Missed: Artemis

Green Cover: Heir of Fire


LGBT: A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Snow or Ice on Cover: The Orphan’s Tale



Red Cover: Queen of Shadows

Cold Setting: The Girl in The Tower

Book Was a Gift: We Were The Lucky Ones

Villainous: Angel of Shadow

Light Blue Cover: The House on Foster Hill

Not on the Card: Before She Ignites, Secret Life of Emily Dickinson


Thanks again to Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews for hosting this challenge.