ACOTAR One Time Box — TheBookishBox

You guyssss TheBookishBox did it again! Their one-time A Court of Thorns and Roses box was absolutely amazing!!! I loved just about every single thing in there!

The contents included:

  • A Shirt by theBookish Shop — I upgraded to a tank top because I needed a change. In case you can’t read what it says: Only you can decide what breaks you, cursebreaker, only you.
  • A Night Court Necklace that says To The Stars That Listen by fictiontea.
  • Mug designed by Bookworm Boutique that says When You Erupt Girl, Make Sure It Is Felt Across Worlds
  • An XL Book Beau created by Book Beau and it IS AMAZING — It’s my favorite quote in the entire series: Don’t Let The Hard Days Win
  • Art Print of Cassian and Azriel (the only thing I’m not really into in this unboxing) by DaniMarieDraws


I mean you guys look at that picture of goodies! I was so stoked when I saw the spoilers on instagram (I was still on vacation when this was delivered). I love love love the shirt and book beau I have already used them too! Anyone else get this box?!? If so, did you love it?


Blind Date with a Book — Bookishbox Style

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Have you guys heard of Blind Date with a book before? I have not, so when thebookishbox started to do them both on their website and in their live social media streams I knew I had to join at least once.

Basically the lovely Justine either posts the books on the bookishbox website to buy or on her live stream with the books wrapped in brown paper so you can’t judge the book by its cover. I’ve heard about doing this after school libraries but never online (though come to find out there is a website for it, find more information here).

Before each book is explained to you briefly you get told how much it is, the book I received was only $10 and I was told if I like the hobbit and Lord of the Rings then I would like this one, so I said sold!

Anyway it arrived last week…drum roll please…..the book I received in the mail was:


Here’s the synopsis from Goodreads: Fifteen-year-old Ariana Emory hides a rare and forbidden talent: she creates portals between worlds in the pages of books. These portal books are dangerous. But to Ariana, they are freedom. Her world is one of several ruled by a tyrant king. The books are banned and burned, their creators along with them. She wants nothing more than to keep creating them, so that her fellow countrymen can have means of escape and, if she succeeds, rebellion. Driven by that desire, Ariana disregards the dangers and entangles herself in a rebel society’s plot to regain freedom. Along the way, her fate collides with Hunter Woodworth and Killian Fyrenn, identical twin sons of the king.

I have to admit, I’m really excited. I’ve never heard of this one but it sounds really good and to be honest, I don’t know if I would have picked it up by the cover so win on my first ever blind date with a book!

One of the other great things about this is that they care about the styles of reading we want. Myself and some others asked for historical fiction! Hopefully their next one has some historical fiction for us!

Have you guys done this before? Have you read this book? Comment below!

The BookishBox Outlander One Time Box

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You guys, this is the last EVER Outlander Box by theBookishBox — I’m still super sad over this, especially because I just love everything Outlander and the past boxes I’ve received have been so fantastic.

But this one? For being the last one ever was kind of a let down for me, which is really upsetting because I wanted it to be perfect. But I felt like something was missing, anyway here’s what was in the box and why I found it lacking.


Shirt from TheBookishBox which says Because I wanted you. More than I ever wanted anything in my life.

So here’s the thing, it’s a great quote, it’s what Jamie tells Claire on why he married her. But, we are already on season 3 in the show, and there are 8 books…I would have liked to see one of the shirts (because there have been others and I’ve liked those sayings more) be from maybe book 2-8.

Necklace from TheBookishBox that is a stack of books that say: Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager and Drums of Autumn — the first 4 in the series. I like this a little better than the shirt. I probably won’t wear the necklace but I’ll definitely make it into a Christmas Ornament or something.

Lip Balm from Cherry Pit Crafts. I usually like everything from Cherry Pit Crafts but I found the white chocolate scent meh.

Pouch by TheBookishBox. I actually really like this, it has Jamie and Claire’s wedding vows on it “Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of My Bone, I give ye my Body, that we two might be One. I give ye my spirit, ’til our life shall be Done,” and has Standing Stones on the back. The pouch itself is really large but I think it will be perfect for my notebooks and things when we travel to England.

The last thing was a Wine Glass, also from TheBookishBox. It says: Outlander & Wine & Sassenach & Kilts. It is without a doubt, the smallest wine glass I have ever seen. I’m honestly going to use it for sipping whiskey because that’s closer to what it is size wise.

I don’t know you guys, I was really sad with this one. I was so excited and their one time boxes are almost always perfect that I’m shocked I didn’t like this one as much.


Reorganizing my booklife

I’ve already done a post on how I keep Track of my TBR, which you can find here. So far, this has really been working, I love that all the books I have to read are on shelves instead of part of a list. It lets me choose based on mood and maybe even cover.

My biggest problem lately is that I have too many books. Who thought would be a problem? At my apartment right now, I have over 120 books. This doesn’t include books I’ve given to friends and family to borrow, which means there are even more. Which got me thinking about how my books are organized and what will happen when I get those books back. So I decided to re-organize my book life.


I just got a new bookcase so I felt like it was time to reorganize everything to a way that wouldn’t have my books on the floor anymore. So I categorized them in a way that made sense to me, they were as follows: wp-image-639031521

  • My TBR pile, which is the top shelf – I figured this would help me know exactly where to go to find my next book
  • Education/Travel/Classics/Non-fiction – all on one shelf, include books to help with my adventures, classic reads and books from school. I put nonfiction here too because it ties to educational
  • Magic – all books related to magic in some way, with some mystery (because of authors matching on there too)
  • Fantasy/Sci-fi is up next
  • Historical Fiction and some random (no other place to put them for now)
  • Outlander and Poldark I will probably need more than one shelf for these but for now they fit on one.



I left room on some of my shelves so when I read a book it will have a place on whatever shelf it belongs to.

This is the only way I could think of organizing my bookshelf. I love the shelves where they are color coordinated and everything looks so pretty but honestly that’s not me, I don’t have the “eye” for that.

How many bookcases do you have? How do you organize your bookshelves? I would love to hear from you! I can use those ideas for when I’m putting this one together!

The Bookishbox Magic and Witchcraft July Boxย 

July 2017’s theme from TheBookisBox might be my favorite monthly box so far. If you’ve read some of my other unboxing as it relates to the bookishbox I usually like their one time boxes a whole lot more than their monthly subscription boxes which is why I switched from a 3 month plan to a monthly plan (which by the way is going to work because I don’t like the theme for next month).

Anyway, unto the unboxing which was seriously so awesome. To start, the theme was Magic and Witchcraft — who Doesn’t like a theme like that? But what I liked most about this box is that it had a ton of useful things in it, and it wasn’t repeated like previous boxes. There weren’t any mugs or bookmarks, as much as I like those, a girl can only have so many! Okay, what was inside:

  • Night Circus inspired bubble bath and shower gel. I’m pretty excited for this and hoping I don’t have an allergic reaction!
  • Loose leaf Tea by Bad Girl Good Tea. A book reader can never have enough tea
  • Tea Strainer to go along with the tea, but what makes this so awesome is that IT’S A DEATHLY HALLOWS TEA STRAINER (I may squealed when I saw it)
  • A Darker Shade of Magic Art Print this is still on my list to read
  • Hair Tie & Board I love the saying, I’ve already added it to my bookshelf and can’t wait until I have a room to show them all off on a wall
  • Ouija Magnet because again, you can never have enough refrigerator magnets
  • The YA Book I got was The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy it sound interesting and another one of those books that I would have picked up so I’m excited!

Other options were an Adult Book called Final Girls by Riley Sager and an Infernal Devices Shirt neither of which I got (though to be fair I can only get one book in each box).

Overall this box was perfect. They really outdid themselves and I’m happy I got this month, sometimes I’m disappointed, this was not one of those times!

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Harry Potter Choose Your Box – TheBookishBox

Eeekkkk it finally arrived! You guys, theBookishBox did what every Harry Potter fan wants in their life. Not only a one-time Harry Potter box but also one that was called Choose Your Box. Which meant you literally got to CHOOSE your HOUSE. Everyone was so excited, I almost didn’t get this one and it would have been a huge mistake.

Part of the reason why I didn’t want to get this box was because I couldn’t choose which house I belonged in. I’m not Gryffindor and I kind of think they are over-rated and some of my friends think I’m Ravenclaw but I’m not smart enough to consider myself Ravenclaw- that’s all my boyfriend. So I ended up with Hufflepuff, which truly fits me other than the patience part, but to be fair I’m patient at work just not with anything else. Plus– I wanted to be like Newt and he’s a Hufflepuff so there we go!

Each box came with 4 goodies specific to the house box you chose. Each box did come with the same Harry Potter neckalce. The contents of the un-boxing were:

  • Hufflepuff Bookmark by Lexy Olivia. It’s funny, a few months ago, I was sick of all the bookmarks I was getting — now I can’t wait to get one in the mail!
  • Hogwarts Necklace by The Bookish Shop — The necklace has a feather, the deathly hallows and a lightening bolt as charms with four beads representing the house colors.
  • Large Hufflepuff themed Candle by Whiskey Diamond Candle Co — I seriously love every candle I get from Whiskey Diamond. This one is dandelions, green grass and baked desserts with the Sorting hats quote/song on the side AND a badge charm to represent Hufflepuff (oh my god, that might be my favorite thing in the entire box)
  • House Mug by Christina Doodles — I was really excited for the mug but ended up a little disappointed. The yellow on white and the font makes it a little hard to read which is a bummer but otherwise ti’s something else to add to the collection anyway. The mug says: “You might belong to Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, Those patient hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil”.
  • The shirt from The Bookish Shop — also has part of the same quote from the mug but this time the yellow is on black, you can read it and it’s awesome.

I seriously love the one time boxes by the bookish box. So far, I don’t have any more coming (other than the monthly boxes) but I’ll keep you posted!


The Bookish Box June Box

Well hello there book lovers! I recently switched from getting owlcrate’s monthly boxes to The Bookish Box again. Here’s my plan of attack to save some money.

  • I am doing month to month, that way I can skip a month if it’s not a theme I like. While it does cost a little more, the past 3 months of boxes I would have wanted so this is my way of hoping it won’t cost so much
  • I switched to just get the goodies and maybe the book based on theme. I have a lot of t shirts so I don’t want to overload me.

The total cost of just the goodies is $18.99 a month plus shipping. So that’s what I have so far…the downfall is I want the July box too WITH the book so the whole saving money thing hasn’t happened yet. We will see how it goes the next couple of months. Okay unto the #unboxing!

June’s theme was Fantasy Kingdom boxes. The Bookish Box said that if you liked stories from George R.R. Martin and Sarah J. Mass this was for you. Honestly, I these were the only two themes in this one but I loved it all the same.

You guysss this box came with a pillow case! For my someday library through society 6 (which also makes beach towels…need asap). Anyway, I haven’t read this line yet in ACOTAR but it doesn’t matter, it screams what this blog is all about so I love it.

I also received two things related to Game of thrones. A lovely bookmark (downfall it’s about Sansa) and this awesome print. My hope is to get creative this summer with these prints and get them read for a room full of books (when the creativity hits, I’ll talk about it).

The other goodies included an ACOTAR lollipop and chapstick/lip balm which I’m excited to try.

Overall, I loved this box. The pillow case really did it for me and for awhile I was getting bored with all the bookmarks but this one was creative so I’m really excited to try it out! Anyone else get book goofoex from the bookish box? I’m bummed I missed out on the shirt but I’m going to hold out and see if they do a previous sale down the road.

Interested in the bookish box? Here’s a referral link ๐Ÿ˜Š.

All of the links above, will bring you to the websites of the people that made these gorgeous bookish things