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Chicago Part 2: How I planned & Kept A Budget

This was my first ever trip to Chicago. I was so excited when I was asked to tag along with a friend to a wedding so I could see this city everyone talks about. But then I remembered I had to not only plan but budget what I wanted to spend while there (let's not… Continue reading Chicago Part 2: How I planned & Kept A Budget

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72 Hours in Chicago (Part I)

We finally made it to Chicago! Lucky for us we had a wedding to go to which finally got our butts moving to the Midwest. I've always wanted to head to the Windy City, it's been on the bucket list, so I took my handy travel notebook from owlcrate and went exploring. Before I dive… Continue reading 72 Hours in Chicago (Part I)

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Adventures Updates

Hey everyone! I realized that this blog has lately been all about my book reviews and nothing about adventures! In fact, since July the only adventure we have done is go for a hike at Cascade Mountain. Have no fear though! We haven't had a lot of adventures because we've been planning so many that… Continue reading Adventures Updates

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A Visit To The Lower Half of Cape Cod

This is my last post about my Cape Cod 2017 trip and it ends with Provincetown and Truro -- two of my favorite places on the Cape! Here's a rundown of a few things you can do there to take up your time. The Beaches There are so many beaches near the end of Cape… Continue reading A Visit To The Lower Half of Cape Cod

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A Visit To Chatham Mass

I thought about doing one large post about my time in Cape Cod this year, but honestly we did so many different things and in so many different places that I didn't think it made sense to try and jam it all into one post. Instead, I'm breaking them apart. The first is Chatham, Massachusetts.… Continue reading A Visit To Chatham Mass

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 Summer 2017 Preview And TBR

Spring is already over? That flew by, like really flew by. This year I finally got to see the sseasonschange, something I was definitely missing when I lived in VT. So many books were read and so many things happened on the weekends that I'm actually exhausted from it all. But I'm also really excited… Continue reading  Summer 2017 Preview And TBR

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48 Hours in Maine

In the beginning of June, I was lucky enough to take a weekend trip to Maine. It was my first to Maine in well over 10 years. I was there for exactly 48 Hours. We were staying in York (Beach), Maine but what I love is how close everything is. Even though we stayed in… Continue reading 48 Hours in Maine